Wyświetlacz Touch&See z 4-krotnym przyciskiem

  • Chronothermostat for 4 independent zones
  • On/off switching of single loads or groups of loads
  • Dimming of lighting devices
  • Control of motor drives (for roller shutters, blinds, curtains, etc.)
  • Displaying of status of signal contacts (from safety devices, etc..)
  • Displaying date and time from the internal clock or a KNX timer
  • Displaying values from a KNX weather station such as outdoor temperature, wind speed, rain presence, brightness, etc.
  • Displaying of alarm messages
  • Recalling and storage of scenarios
  • Sending of values (temperature, brightness, etc.) on the bus
  • Function blocking with password
  • Temporarily locking function for screen cleaning
  • Switching to forced functioning (lock)
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Opis produktu

KNX control and visualisation unit with integrated 2-fold pushbutton (max. 4 independent functions). 3.5″ touch screen and user interface with graphical pages. Mounting on round, square or rectangular wall box. Connections to bus and auxiliary 30 Vdc power supply. To be used in KNX installations for home and building automation. Mounting support included in the delivery. The device has to be to completed with two square rockers and a rectangular frame of the series form or flank (to be ordered separately).

EK-EF2-TP (leds colours: blue / green)
EK-EF2-TP-RW (leds colours: red / white)

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